"We are successful only when we contribute to
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Innovative, trend-setting and reliable - right from the beginning!

In 1954 the businessman Willi Ledermann and the engineer Josef Störzer founded the company Ledermann & Co. The LEUCO brand was born.

Today, 70 years later, LEUCO is one of the world´s largest suppliers of carbide and diamond-tipped machine tools for wood and plastic processing.

Wealth of ideas and technical know-how have been the heart of LEUCO since the beginning. The product range includes circular saw blades, hoggers, bore-type and shank-type cutters, drills, clamping systems and inserts.
Sharpening service, application consulting and service packages bundled under the term „Tool management“ complete the spectrum.

LEUCO sells via direct sales. Our customers are sawmills, building-, furniture- and paneling-industry as well as interior finishing.

Internationally, around 1,200 employees work for LEUCO.

Sales affiliates are in Australia, Belgium, England, Japan, Poland, Thailand, Ukraine, Vietnam and Belarus. Sales and production subsidiaries are in China, France, Malaysia, Russia, Switzerland, South Africa and USA.

This is LEUCO

LEUCO is a successful family company

LEUCO was founded by Willi Ledermann and Josef Störzer in 1954 and has developed quickly and constantly from modest beginnings thanks to technical competence, diligence and whealth of ideas.
For a long time, LEUCO has been considered as a competent partner for the woodworking industry worldwide concerning the development and the production of precision tools. Their extensive know-how guarantee optimum interaction of man, machine and the respective workpiece material.

Our internationalization strategy which started in the 60´s of the past century already, including a multitude of daughter companies and sales partnerships of many years proved itself in all key markets in all respects. This strategy contributed decisively to the growth and success of LEUCO and of our customers.

The three key success factors are:

  • Capable, continuously trained and committed staff are the essential pillar of success.
  • This enables us to guarantee a constant quality of new tools and service and provide an extensive and individual customer support service on all 5 continents.
  • Thanks to our worldwide network with customers, system partners and suppliers we have the ideal market access and thus know the market requirements at an early stage. This allows our employees in sales, R&D and application engineering to develop new ideas for customer-specific solutions.

The strength of the LEUCO group consolidated under the LEUCO AG is to face new challenges constantly. The key to this ability is the enthusiasm to develop efficient and resource-saving tools for the machining of a living, renewable resource.
Equipped with these features and experiences we will continue to be a competent and reliable partner for our industrial customers and craft businesses.

Your Frank Diez

Your Daniel Schrenk

Executive board of the LEUCO group

Frank Diez, chairman of the LEUCO executive board
Frank Diez, chairman of the LEUCO executive board

Daniel Schrenk, CEO for Sales and Marketing of LEUCO
Daniel Schrenk, CEO for Sales and Marketing of LEUCO

Data and Facts

LEUCO at a glance


1954 by Willi Ledermann and Josef Störzer

Market significance

LEUCO is one of the world´s largest suppliers of carbide and diamond-tipped machine tools for wood and plastic processing with approx. 1,200 employees on all 5 continents.

Business fields

LEUCO tools are used in the whole process chain of the woodworking and furniture industry, from the original material to the end product. LEUCO offers tools for the machining of solid wood, wood-based panels as well as materials consisting of a material mix or "non-wood" materials such as aluminum or metal.


Approx. 230 registered and approved trade mark rights

Companies abroad

20 daughter companies in 17 countries worldwide

Sales partners abroad

93 sales partners in 64 countries worldwide


  • approx. 30% in Germany
  • approx. 70% abroad


  • DIN EN ISO 50001 (energy management) since 02/2016
  • Certified "known sender" by the German Civil Aviation Authority (LBA) since 2012
  • DIN EN ISO 9001 (quality management) since 1995


Customer magazine "LEUCOline"

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With the customer magazine "LEUCOline Highlights" you will receive a compact overview of our innovations about

  • Tool innovations for sawing, throughfeed machining, CNC, solid wood and composites processing
  • intelligent services such as serialization, resharpening
  • the LEUCO company

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